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Resonate SDK: Realtime MacOS Audio Development, Simplified

Today, we’re pleased to be unveiling Resonate, a new audio SDK available for licensing by MacOS software developers.

The Resonate SDK simplifies audio processing on the Mac to an almost unimaginable level. We took our years of experience creating audio software, and crafted a dramatically easier-to-use interface for MacOS’s CoreAudio. With Resonate, you no longer need to be a professional Core Audio developer to access audio functionality in your Mac application. Resonate will help you build your own product faster, while delivering superior latency, reliability, and ease of development.


For nearly two decades, our Audio Capture Engine (ACE) technology has powered Audio Hijack, Loopback, and many of our other products. In early 2018, we began commercial licensing of ACE, to provide other software makers with the ability to capture audio within their own products.

ACE is now in use by companies both big and small, providing audio to screen recorders, streaming apps, and more. It’s been very satisfying to partner with other companies and provide audio capture to so many tools on the Mac. With Resonate, we’re looking to do it again.

Resonate Is Audio Processing, Simplified

Resonate originated as a companion to ACE. ACE provides captured audio via virtual devices, which allows programmers with existing Core Audio pipelines to quickly get up and running. However, after talking to many companies new to MacOS, it was clear we’d overlooked something. Although we are experienced with the intricacies and eccentricities of CoreAudio, most others are not.

Resonate levels the playing field. If you’re developing an application which needs to use audio on the Mac, Resonate will speed up your development time, and save you countless headaches. Visit the Resonate licensing page, then get in touch for more details.

Plenty of Updates for Users as Well

The technology we’re licensing is the result of work on our consumer-facing products. Licensing this technology to others enables us to earn additional revenue from that work, but our primary focus remains on the continued development of our own direct-to-consumer audio tools.

This year alone, we’ve already shipped a dozen maintenance releases, as well as four major updates (if you’re scoring at home, those would be Farrago 1.5, Audio Hijack 3.7, SoundSource 4.2, and Airfoil Satellite for Android 3.0). We’re not slowing down, either, with work in progress on major updates to Airfoil, Audio Hijack, and more. Stay tuned!

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