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Stream Audio to All Your Android Devices

With our home audio streamer Airfoil, you can play any audio from your Mac to devices throughout your house. Airfoil automatically works with thousands of different speakers and other hardware, from Apple products like the Apple TV and HomePod, Google Cast devices, and even Bluetooth audio device

With our free companion Airfoil Satellite apps, the list of possible outputs gets even longer. Using Airfoil Satellite, you can turn hundreds of additional devices into audio outputs, from Macs and PCs to iOS and Android devices.

It’s Android that we’re talking about today, specifically version 3.0 of Airfoil Satellite for Android which has just shipped for all modern Android devices. With it, you can turn your Android phone or tablet into a wireless output for Airfoil, streaming audio from your Mac to the device. In addition, Airfoil Satellite for Android can also remotely control both Airfoil itself, as well as playback from supported source applications.

What’s New in Version 3

The new version 3.0 of Airfoil Satellite for Android is a near-complete overhaul of the previous application. The design has been updated and modernized, and it’s better looking than ever. In addition, it includes:

Support for Multiple Airfoil Instances

When multiple Airfoil instancs are present on the network, it’s now possible to specify to which Airfoil Satellite connects for remote control.

Password-Protected Speakers

A new preference makes it possible to password protect your Android device’s output, preventing undesired access and playback.

Notification Center Improvements

A “Now Playing” notification has been added, to display album art and other information about the currently playing track when available.

A New “Keep Screen Awake” Preference

The new “Keep Screen Awake” preference makes it possible to continue displaying information about what’s currently playing, rather than having the phone shut off its screen.

Improved Networking Reliability

Substantial work has been done on the backend to make Bonjour work better, resulting in devices connecting back to Airfoil more reliably than ever.

Much More

There’s a lot more in the update, from visual feedback for playback controls to a “Hide Meters” preference, and much more. Airfoil Satellite 3.0 is a major update, featuring many additional enhancements. Best of all, it’s still free to use alongside Airfoil!

Get It Free, Right Now

Airfoil Satellite for Android remains an entirely free companion to Airfoil. Airfoil Satellite for Android 3.0 can be downloaded directly from our site, and it’s available in the Google Play store as well. Just like version 2, this update is compatible with Android 6 and up.1

Ready to use your Android device with Airfoil? Head to the Airfoil Satellite for Android page now!

  1. Android 6 and up are supported, but if you’ve got an older device, head over to our Legacy page. There, you’ll find Airfoil Speakers for Android, which runs on Android 5 and lower. It’s not as fully featured as Airfoil Satellite, but it can turn your old device into a dedicated Airfoil output. ↩︎

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