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Overdrive Your Audio, and Much More, With SoundSource 4.2

Last year, we introduced the brand-new SoundSource, version 4. With SoundSource, you gain truly powerful control over all the audio on your Mac. You can adjust sound on a per-app basis, add audio effects, control devices, and much more. SoundSource 4 has proven to be a hit with users, and we’ve been hard at work on updates.

Today, we’re delighted to ship SoundSource 4.2. Read on to see what’s new, or just head over to the SoundSource page to download the latest now.

What’s New in SoundSource 4.2

SoundSource 4.2 is a free update for SoundSource 4 users, but that doesn’t mean it’s light on new features and functionality.

Volume Overdrive

The most visible addition in SoundSource 4.2 is a brand-new built-in effect called “Volume Overdrive”. The Volume Overdrive effect makes it possible to amplify application audio up to 400%, so your speakers get louder than you thought possible.

Better still, Volume Overdrive is smarter than your average amplifier. When active, its built-in limiting functionality works intelligently to improve the quality of overdriven audio, avoiding unpleasant digital distortion.

Control of More Special Audio Sources

The release of SoundSource 4.1 added support for controlling audio from Finder and the OS’s “Text to Speech” functionality in SoundSource 4.1. Now, SoundSource 4.2 provides control of even more of the OS’s audio features, with easy access to Siri and VoiceOver as well. Check out the “Special Sources” section of the “Add App” Source selector to find all of these sources.

A Menu Bar Output Meter

Want a visual indication of when your Mac is playing audio? Head to SoundSource’s Preferences, and turn on the new “Show output activity in menu bar” setting.

Once you do, an output meter will show in the menu bar next to SoundSource’s icon. This meter moves in sync as audio plays through the default output device.

Many More Updates

There’s lots more to enjoy in SoundSource 4.2, including:

  • Bluetooth Device Battery Status – See battery status for Bluetooth devices like AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Beats hardware.

  • Removable Built-In Effects – The built-in Lagutin EQ and Volume Overdrive effects can now optionally be removed from your configurations.

  • Improvements to Bluetooth Device Reliability – SoundSource 4.2 does additional work to avoid issues caused by Apple’s Bluetooth device handling. That means selecting Bluetooth devices, including all versions of AirPods, will work more reliably.

  • Enhanced Audio Capture with ACE 11.1 – The Audio Capture Engine (ACE) backend that powers SoundSource has been updated to version 11.1.1, with many enhancements and improvements for the smoothest audio capture yet, and a fix for issues when processing audio from FaceTime.app.

  • Full MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) Support – SoundSource now has full compatibility with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina).

  • And Still More – We’re always working to improve our products in ways both big and small. In addition to what’s listed above, SoundSource 4.2 fixes several minor bugs, alongside improvements to audio device tracking, drag and drop, and more.

Download SoundSource Now

There’s no need to wait to try out SoundSource 4.2. If you’re new to SoundSource, learn all about our superior sound control, then download the free trial.

For those intelligent readers who are already using SoundSource, just open the app’s Preferences window, and click the “Check for Update” button to get the latest immediately. We hope you enjoy SoundSource 4.2!

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