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Get the Latest Refinements in SoundSource 5.1

It’s only been about two months since we shipped SoundSource 5, but the latest upgrade to our essential audio control has already helped countless new users. As more people discover every day, if you listen to any type of audio on your Mac, SoundSource is for you.

We’ve been hard at work on additional improvements for SoundSource, and today, we’re delighted to unveil version 5.1. It’s a free update for all SoundSource 5 users, and it’s available right now. Read on for details, or click to download immediately.

Improve Headphone Output, With Headphone EQ

The biggest change in SoundSource 5.1 is located in the System Output section. There, you’ll find the new “Headphone EQ” effect.

With Headphone EQ, you can get the very best sound out of headphones connected to your Mac. It’s built on top of the renowned AutoEq project, which provides equalization profiles for literally thousands of models of headphones.

By making adjustments specifically for the headphones you’re using, SoundSource can provide custom calibrated audio that sounds great. Headphone EQ is also incredibly easy to set up. Just add it to the system output, search for your headphone model, and add the profile.

Additional Effects Improvements

We also made improvements for users taking advantage of SoundSource’s support for third-party Audio Unit effects. First, we added a “Recent” section to the “Add Effect” menu, so it’s easy to insert a recently-used effect without drilling down to find it.

We also made it possible to move and copy effects within SoundSource. Move an effect from one application to another just by dragging and dropping. If you wish to copy an effect, hold the option key as you move it.

Latency Improvements

We always strive to minimize the latency added by our products, and SoundSource is no exception. With this update, we’ve made two important adjustments that reduce latency. First, when audio from a voice chat (VoIP) application is adjusted, SoundSource now automatically uses the lowest possible latency mode. In addition, latency on the system’s input device has also been minimized.

Loopback Compatibility

Many SoundSource users also take advantage of the powerful audio routing capabilities of our tool Loopback. Thanks to backend changes, it’s now possible for SoundSource to redirect per-application audio to a virtual audio device made by Loopback. We’ve also cleaned up the way audio flows when a Loopback device is set as the Mac’s default input. With this update, the two applications will work together better than ever before.

Smaller Updates

SoundSource 5.1 also brings many smaller updates, including:

  • Improved Audio Handling, with ACE 11.2 – Our ACE audio capture engine is at the heart of many of our products, and the latest version (currently ACE 11.2.2) features backend improvements we’ve been working on for months. These include full support for Apple’s “Catalyst” apps, better support for aggregate audio devices, and much more.

  • Full Catalyst Support – SoundSource now works as expected with Catalyst apps such as “Podcasts”, “TV”, and “Voice Memos”, so you can adjust their volume, apply audio effects, and more.

  • Support for Devices with Data Sources – SoundSource now works fully with hardware devices that feature “data sources”. Those data sources can now be adjusted via a sub-selector, further reducing the need to open the “Audio MIDI Setup” app.

  • Disable In-Window Meters – Want to turn off the level meter for a specific audio source to save CPU or reduce distractions? Control-click a meter in SoundSource’s main window, then select “Disable Metering”.

Stamping Out Bugs

When it comes to software, the only good bug is a dead bug. SoundSource 5.1 includes no small number of fixes. We’ve corrected channel mappings with aggregate audio devices, and worked on accessibility improvements, like making the License window behave better with the on-screen keyboard. The full functionality of Audio Unit effects like TC Electronic’s “LM2n” has also been restored, rare crashes have been prevented, and rare audio glitches have been eradicated.

We always aim to provide the best possible experience with our software, and rooting out issues like these is a big part of that. Feedback from users like you is always helpful, so if you spot a new bug, please get in touch!

Available Now

SoundSource 5.1 is a free update for all users of version 5. Just open the Preferences window in SoundSource, click the “Check for Updates” button, and enjoy!

If you’re a SoundSource 4 user who hasn’t yet moved up, you’re still eligible for a discounted upgrade to version 5. See the “What’s New in SoundSource 5” page to get started.

If you’re entirely new to SoundSource, today is a great day to up your Mac’s audio game. Click to learn more about SoundSource, and download the free trial.

Big Sur Updates Coming Soon

The latest update to the Mac’s operating system, MacOS 11 (Big Sur), is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. We’re still hard at work on updates for the new OS, and planning for compatible releases in the near future. We’ll have more news very soon, so watch our Status page, and stay tuned to this blog and our social media accounts.

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