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Use Rogue Amoeba’s Apps To Make Zoom Calls Less Painful

If you’re working remotely, you may find yourself stuck on countless Zoom calls (or FaceTime, Webex, Skype, or some other service). Unfortunately, we here at Rogue Amoeba do not have the power to get you out of these calls entirely. However, several of our tools can help things sound a little sweeter.

We recently published three different posts about how our tools can help improve calls you make from your Mac. This summary article collects them all in one place, for easy reference.

Use SoundSource to Make Other People Sound Better

It’s clear that a lot of people out there have low quality microphones and bad audio setups. Fortunately, our utility SoundSource lets you apply audio effects to any application on your Mac. That ability makes it a great tool for improving what you hear on voice chats.

By adjusting the audio coming from remote parties with SoundSource, savvy Mac users can clean things up for the benefit of their own ears.

Use Audio Hijack and Loopback to Make Yourself Sound Better

Whether you have an ultra high-quality microphone connected to your Mac, or you’re using the tiny built-in input, audio effects can enhance the sound of your voice. With a combination of Audio Hijack and Loopback, you can improve your audio before it’s sent to others.

For more details, see our post on improving your mic’s audio with software effects.

Use Loopback (And Optionally, Farrago) to Add Music and Sound Effects

Loopback can also be used to create a powerful virtual microphone, which combines multiple audio sources into one. For instance, you can merge your mic with Music.app to send both your voice and your music into your call. Dropping in sound effects with our soundboard app Farrago is an amusing possibility as well, and one that’s proven to be more popular than expected.

After hearing about this use case early and often from users, we wrote the first post in this series, “Using Loopback to Add Audio to Voice Chats”.


We always provide free trials of all our products to test them out, so download right from our homepage. We hope our tools will help make your calls, and your day, a bit better.

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