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Enhance Zoom Calls (And Other Voice Chats) With SoundSource

In recent months, millions of Mac users have begun making audio and video calls with Zoom, Webex, and many other VoIP apps. As a result, those same users have also found themselves annoyed by the often sub-par quality of audio heard through these services. Fortunately, our product SoundSource can help make things sound a little sweeter.

With SoundSource’s ability to apply effects to any audio, it can enhance what you hear on calls. As folks have figured this out, we’ve seen a number of tweets like this:

Finally discovered SoundSource from @RogueAmoeba, and the ability to stack AUs on top of the Zoom audio output - parametric EQs, Dynamic compression, etc - is a revelation.

With just a minute or two of configuration, SoundSource can make your calls sound better. We’ve posted a new support article with full instructions for improving audio on voice calls. Give it a read, then test things out yourself with SoundSource.

Bonus content: If you want to spice up your calls with music, sound effects, or other audio, our previous post on using Loopback to add audio to voice chats has you covered.

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