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SoundSource 4 Is Our Brand-New, Incredibly Powerful, System-Wide Audio Control

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a brand-new product: SoundSource 4. You wouldn’t think a version 4 could be labeled as “brand-new”, but the massive new functionality and fully redesigned interface mean SoundSource 4 is effectively a whole new product.

SoundSource originated as a very basic tool to speed up access to your Mac’s speakers and mics. With SoundSource 4, it’s grown into a powerful system-wide audio utility which offers functionality to help every Mac user.

SoundSource in Action

Whether you’re listening to podcasts, streaming music, or watching videos, audio is a big part of using your Mac. With SoundSource, you gain superior control over all that sound.

Control Audio on a Per-Application Basis

SoundSource’s capabilities start with per-application audio control. As soon as you add an app to SoundSource, you can begin controlling its audio.

With the volume slider, you can make an app louder or softer than others, or even mute it entirely. The output device selector lets you control exactly where audio plays, so you can play music from iTunes or Spotify to your best speakers, while routing everything else to your Mac’s built-in output.

Sweeten Any Sound With Audio Effects

With the power of SoundSource’s audio effects, it’s a snap to get great-sounding audio. Apply effects to a specific application, or to all the audio playing on your Mac.

Anyone wanting more from their MacBook speakers can hit the Magic Boost button to instantly get richer, fuller sound. Our renowned 10-band Lagutin equalizer can do even more, and requires minimal setup with nearly two dozen presets to boost bass, enhance vocals, or even perfect what’s heard through AirPods. True audiophiles will welcome SoundSource’s support for Audio Units, which allow for complex and precise adjustments.

Whether you want to add an equalizer to Spotify, crank up the volume through small laptop speakers, or make precise adjustments to all your audio, SoundSource has you covered.

Get Fast Access to System Audio Devices

SoundSource hasn’t forgotten its roots, and it now provides fast access to all the settings your Mac’s Output, Input, and Sound Effects audio devices offer, right from the menu bar.

Using SoundSource, you can adjust volume and input levels, tweak the balance, and even switch sample rates. You may never need to open the Sound System Preference again!

So Many More Great Features

SoundSource has much more to offer, from great support for Apple’s popular AirPods to “Super Volume Keys” that allow keyboard volume controls to work with HDMI devices, DisplayPort monitors, and other digital hardware that MacOS doesn’t support by default. Global keyboard access and robust keyboard control make it a breeze to adjust your audio settings without ever even touching your mouse.

Everything SoundSource does is aimed at giving you control over the audio on your Mac. Experience the magic of SoundSource, and see why we say this is sound control so good, it ought to be built in to MacOS.

Try SoundSource Now

If you’re on MacOS 10.11 or higher, you can explore all that SoundSource offers by downloading our free, fully-featured trial. When you’re ready, you can purchase through our online store for just $29.

Get Started With SoundSource

Notes for Owners of SoundSource 3

SoundSource 4 is a major update that changes a lot, so be sure to check out “What’s New in SoundSource 4”.

If you own SoundSource 3, you can move to version 4 at a discount. Try it out, then purchase your discounted upgrade for just $19.

Finally, folks who purchased SoundSource on or after February 1st, 2019 will receive a complimentary upgrade to SoundSource 4. Full details have been sent via email, so be sure to check your inbox.

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