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Welcoming Two New Members to Our Team

If you regularly check the Staff section of our company page, well, that’s frankly a little strange. Still, if you have had a look at it recently, you might have noticed two new additions to our team. Now it’s time to properly introduce them via our blog!

First up, we hired Chris Richards to join our technical support team. This doubled the number of Chrises helping our customers, as Chris Richards joined our long-time technical support guru Chris Barajas in providing assistance to folks in need. This marks the first time we’ve ever had multiple people answering support emails, and it’s part of a continued effort to offer stellar service to all who use our products.

APPNAME IconOur second recent hire is Andy Taylor, who’s taken over development of Airfoil for Windows. Andy’s got tremendous experience on dozens of different game titles, as well as other Windows software. Now, he’s using his talents to push Airfoil for Windows forward. We’ve been delayed in getting out some desired updates, but Andy’s gotten up to speed since he joined on, and he’s now making good progress. We hope to have more news for our Windows users soon.

Though it’s been well over a decade since we hired our first employee, it’s still exciting to add new members to our team. We’re delighted to have Chris and Andy working alongside us, and we hope they’ll be helping you (directly and indirectly) for years to come.

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  1. Paul says:

    You should call that department, “Chris’s for Crises!” :-) Seriously though, LOVE your products and use them ALL the time from AHP to Fission, even Piezo now and again. Thank you!

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