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Using Airfoil to Send Audio to the Raspberry Pi

Since way back in 2008, we’ve offered various versions of Airfoil Speakers for Linux. By coupling Airfoil Speakers for Linux with Airfoil for Mac or Airfoil for Windows, you can turn your Linux machine into an audio receiver.

Raspberry Pi LogoOne of the most exciting Linux machines out there is the Raspberry Pi. While still a fully-capable computer, it’s also a tiny, inexpensive device which makes computing and programming more accessible to everyone. The Raspberry Pi is also tremendously popular with hackers, who’ve used it to do all manner of amazing things.

One thing the Raspberry Pi hasn’t yet been able to do, however, is run Airfoil Speakers for Linux! There were a few issues, including troubles with ARM architecture compatibility, as well as encoding and floating point handling. Thankfully, recent updates have cured some of these issues, and we’ve worked around the rest.

Thus, as you may have guessed, today, we’re finally making it possible for Airfoil to play with the Raspberry Pi. If you’ve been looking to send audio from your Mac or Windows machine over to your Raspberry Pi (as well as to other AirPlay outputs), grab the latest update to Airfoil Speakers for Linux, right here. Happy listening!

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