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Airfoil Speakers For Linux

A little under a month ago, we posted the first beta of Airfoil Speakers for Linux right here on our weblog. Today, we’re pleased to release an official version, Airfoil Speakers for Linux 1.0.0. You can download Airfoil Speakers for Linux (as well as for Mac and Windows) right here.

Using our Airfoil application, you can send audio from any Mac or Windows machine to any local computer running Airfoil Speakers, as well as to AirPort Express and Apple TV units. With the release of Airfoil Speakers for Linux, you can now send audio around your house to just about any computer, whether it runs Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux! See our Airfoil page for more details and enjoy.

3 Responses to “Airfoil Speakers For Linux”

  1. malte says:


    airfoil speakers for linux is great news….but what really would be the greates thing is airfoil for iphones…. please,please,please!! ;)

  2. Michiel van der Ros says:

    Happy to see you keep innovating!

    I was wondering if you have considered creating Airfoil for the iPhone and iPod Touch? It would be so cool to play music from your pocket over the house stereo! Not sure if it’s technically possible, though all the hardware is there of course, with wifi support…

  3. ian says:

    wow! the solutions that have been out have been awful and honestly this has been the main thing keeping me from switching to linux. i look forward to messing with this. thanks guys!

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