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More Great Audio Hijack Reviews

Perhaps you saw our Audio Hijack 3 announcement, but you didn’t want to take our word on how great it is. Maybe you even saw the great initial round of reviews, but you weren’t yet convinced. Well then for you, friend, we present even more stellar Audio Hijack 3 reviews!

Over at TidBITS, Glenn Fleishman wrote about some great use cases for Audio Hijack, including making timed recordings and recording a multi-input podcast. He’s got some great, powerful examples of just what you can do with the new version.

Meanwhile, at Random Maccess, Chuck La Tournous gave us 4 and a half stars out of five. You can’t beat that! Well, you can, but just barely, and we’ll be striving to get to that five-star rating with future updates to come.

Finally, Chuck Joiner invited me (and my amaryllis) on to MacVoices to discuss the update. This is especially nice, as the video features screen captures showing off some of Audio Hijack’s highlights. I always have fun speaking with Chuck, and the result here provides a great in-depth look at the app.

Especial for our Spanish speakers

Because we feel we can only provide a top-notch experience in English, our products are not localized to other languages. However, we do have many foreign-language users, and Audio Hijack scored two great reviews in Spanish. Check out Appsmac.com, where we earned four stars out of five, and Macsoluciones, where we scored a perfect five out of five! Gracias to both of these sites for spreading the word!

Download and Enjoy

Hopefully by now, you’ve been convinced to take Audio Hijack for a spin. As always, you can get the free trial right from our site, so download now!

2 Responses to “More Great Audio Hijack Reviews”

  1. Steve Borsch says:

    Sorry to be a downer on this…but I ran the demo and absolutely love the new capabilities, layout, and so forth, so I upgraded AHPro to AH3.

    Then I discovered a problem: With *only* a microphone as an input and the output being built-in headphones (i.e., no effects) there is just enough latency that it makes it impossible to monitor during voice recording.

    Guess my ‘rating’ would be 1 star at this point.

    I had really hoped to use AH3 with Screenflow so I could route my audio through AH3, add effects, and monitor my screencast voiceovers (which, by the way, I do right now with AHPro).

    The latency in AH3 makes it unusable, especially if I add *any* effects, like a processor, (in my case Ozone 4) it just increases the latency that much more.

    I pinged support and, moments ago, received a reply which said, “At this time, there’s no way to manually adjust the latency heard via Audio Hijack. However, we’re currently working on various ways to improve this, so stay tuned for future updates.”

    Wait…improve it? Isn’t being able to monitor voice recording “table stakes” to be in the game with an audio recording app positioned as a podcast-friendly one? Why is AH3 not able to perform a basic monitoring function like the older AHPro?

    For now, wish I would have waited to upgrade.

  2. Ben M says:

    I’ve been using Audio Hijack Pro to record podcasts for years. Snapped up Audio Hijack 3 right away, and I absolutely love everything about it… minus the output latency issue Steve describes above. Live monitoring a podcast while recording is essentially impossible in version 3.01, so I’m hoping that the output buffer feature gets re-added soon.

    In the meantime my only choice is to keep using Audio Hijack Pro 2, which has the proper output latency settings. Not a big deal for the short term, but after playing around with the super intuitive interface in 3, it’s hard to go back.

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