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Audio Hijack 3 Has Arrived!

It’s been a long, long, long time coming, but the day is finally here.

Audio Hijack 3 has arrived!

Yes, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce Audio Hijack 3 to the world! It’s immediately available for Mac OS X 10.9 and up, and we think you’re going to love it. Here’s a look at the new Audio Hijack:

Audio Hijack in Action

We’ve prepared a 45-second video overview to get you acquainted. Let’s watch!

Read on for a run-down of some of the key improvements you’ll find in Audio Hijack 3.

Welcome the Next Generation

We’ve been developing products under the Audio Hijack name since 2002, when Mac OS X 10.1 was cutting-edge! Over the years, users have found incredible ways to adapt Audio Hijack for their needs, leading us to make many updates and improvements. Eventually, however, these changes caused Audio Hijack to outgrow our original designs. We’ve incorporated over a decade’s worth of experience and feedback into Audio Hijack 3 to improve the process of recording and enhancing audio. Every aspect of our previous Audio Hijack products has been thoughtfully examined and considered, with enhancements made across the board.

Start With a New Interface

Whether this is your first time using Audio Hijack or you’re a skilled veteran, you’ll find it’s a snap to get started. Audio Hijack 3’s intuitive audio grid provides a terrific pipeline-style view of exactly how your audio flows. Use our new blocks to bring in audio from application and hardware sources, adjust it with audio effects, then record it and send it to your speakers.

An audio pipeline in action
A typical audio pipeline pulling in Safari’s audio, adjusting it with an equalizer, then recording it to MP3 and playing it locally

A pipeline can be as simple as one Source Block to pull audio from an audio source and one Output Block to send audio to speakers or a recording. Or, you can build a complex pipeline that captures audio from multiple sources, adjusts it with multiple effects, and saves it to multiple audio formats. Experimenting is fun and easy, allowing you to get the exact results you want.

Session Templates Speed Things Up

The Template Chooser

Of course, Audio Hijack is made to get things done. With that in mind, the new Session templates provide a quick way to complete common tasks. Whether it’s recording from a web browser or cranking up the volume on a quiet laptop, you’ll be able to get started faster than ever. Choose a template and Audio Hijack will open a new Session, pre-configured.

Everything in Its Right Place

The Home Window

Audio Hijack’s new Home window provides a central starting point for all your work. In the Sessions tab, you can create a new Session or use one of your previously-configured Sessions to capture audio. After you record, you’ll find your saved audio ready to preview right in the Recordings tab, sorted by Session. And if you need to schedule timed recordings or create a musical alarm clock, you can do so right from the Schedule tab.

And So Much More

There’s just so much to see in Audio Hijack 3 that a thorough review would take days. To save time, we’ll resort to our trusty old friend, the bullet-point list.

  • Multiple Recorders in One Session – Want to record to both the MP3 and AIFF formats at once, or record different sources in sync? Just add multiple Recorder blocks to get multiple files!

  • Bulletproof Audio Recording – Every format in Audio Hijack is now bulletproof, so even if your computer crashes, you’ll never lose a recording again.

  • Denoise, Declick, Dehum – Clean up dirty audio with custom audio effects, powered by audio technology licensed from industry leader iZotope.

  • Simplified Audio Effects – Harness the power of audio effects without needing a degree in audio engineering.

  • Audio Block Presets – Saving presets for an Equalizer is obvious, but how about other settings? With Audio Hijack 3’s new presets, you can save configurations for almost every Block, then instantly use them in other Sessions.

  • Improved Instant On – Capture audio from already-running apps, as well as all System Audio. If you haven’t looked at Audio Hijack for a while, you’ll be thrilled to see that installation and updates to Instant On no longer require a restart.

  • Streamlined Recording Options – Audio Hijack offers a half-dozen sensible defaults for recording. Of course, if you’re looking for powerful recording options, they’re still available too.

  • FLAC Recording – Audiophiles will be thrilled to learn that Audio Hijack now supports recording directly in lossless FLAC format.

  • HE-AAC Recording Too – Audio Hijack can now record in the high-efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) format as well.

  • Full-Screen Mode – Whether configuring a tricky Session or focusing on a recording, going full-screen helps you focus.

  • Massively Improved Accessibility – We know many visually impaired users love Audio Hijack, and we’ve worked hard to make it fully accessible with Apple’s VoiceOver.

Go Forth and Download

Audio Hijack 3 offers so much for new and old users alike that you really just have to try it for yourself. Head over to the Audio Hijack page to get more information and to download the free trial. Once you’re ready to purchase the full version of Audio Hijack, visit our online store to purchase for just $49.

Get Audio Hijack Now!

Discounts for Previous Audio Hijack Owners

As always, we’ll be issuing free upgrades to recent purchasers of Audio Hijack Pro. In fact, anyone who purchased since our first public mention of this update all the way back on February 17th, 2014 will receive a free upgrade. Just watch your inbox.

It’s also fairly standard to provide discounted upgrade pricing for customers who purchased the previous version of a product. We wanted to take this one step further. Audio Hijack 3 is the official successor to all of our previous “Audio Hijack” products, so we’ve decided to offer upgrade pricing to all of our customers who have ever purchased a product with “Audio Hijack” in the name. If you bought Audio Hijack Pro 2, Audio Hijack Pro 1, Audio Hijack 2, and Audio Hijack 1, you’re eligible. It’s a small way of saying thanks for your support over the past decade-plus. Just click here for full details on discounted upgrade pricing.


We’re incredibly pleased to finally release this upgrade and we hope you’ll be glad to have it. Download it, try it out, then let us know what you think!

23 Responses to “Audio Hijack 3 Has Arrived!”

  1. Adamm says:

    This update kicks so much ass! Thank you thank you thank you for this!! You guys rock!

  2. D says:

    WOW! wowwie wow wow wow! what an update! looking forward to playing with it.

  3. Dom says:

    Right on! Looks great. Upgrade pricing is fair, too. I bought on 2/8/2014 and I won’t complain.

  4. Richard says:

    Total love for your company! Seriously, thank you so much! I’ve been buying Audio Hijack Pro since it was first available way back when, and I’ve used it on nearly a daily basis ever since. I’ll never be able to describe how much I love this app. (Heartfelt mushiness!) This update looks fantastic! Can’t wait to play around.

  5. Eric says:

    I don’t even need to see it in action. I already know I want it! Upgrade me!

  6. Fry says:

    Shut up and take my money!!! :)

  7. Alex Hardy says:

    This is simply fantastic.

  8. fastasleep says:

    Yay! As a decade plus user of AHP, I’m super stoked to see a fresh take on an already super-useful piece of software. And what a generous upgrade policy!

  9. Mud says:

    Seems to be an awesome program, but can I cut the audio file after I recorded something, like you can do in WireTap? If I can do that, I will buy AH3.

  10. Brendon says:

    Always really fantastic software from you guys!
    Thank you!! :))
    Great example for other Mac developers
    I’ve just upgraded!

  11. Ferris says:

    Simple question, can it do everything Wiretap Anywhere could do such as piping in all app audio?

    E.G. pipe in a Mic, Safari, Soundboard, Skype, iTunes and direct it to be recorded into Twisted Wave, Garageband or Nicecast (for broadcast).

    Thanks. If so, this will be an immense help.

  12. Anthony says:

    This update is INCREDIBLE. As a long time user, I think you outdid yourselves. Kudos!

  13. Matt says:

    Looks killer.
    But that icon tho…

  14. Paul Kafasis says:

    Folks – thanks for the kind words. We’ve worked long and hard on this update, and we hope you really enjoy it.

    Mud: Audio Hijack doesn’t include an audio editor. However, you can bundle it up with our stand-alone audio editor Fission for just $60 total. Check out Fission here: http://rogueamoeba.com/fission

    Ferris: This is not a replacement for WireTap Anywhere, no, sorry. If that’s what you need, you may wish to get in touch via email.

    For further questions, please be sure to contact us via our Support form. That’s the avenue to be sure your questions are answered.

  15. Cameron Palmer says:

    Does it support the iOS Simulator as an application audio source?

  16. Mic Edwards says:

    It would be just amazingly incredibly awesome if a Nicecast stream was just another unit we could drag into a session …

  17. Simplethings says:

    Talk about outgrown… This looks way too complex for what it is supposed to do…

  18. Atomos says:

    Does it have a timed recording feature?

  19. bj says:

    no more VST’s or applescript?
    or am i missing something?

  20. Ethan Banks says:

    AHP has been our software of choice to capture our podcast, which goes out to thousands of listeners every week. This upgrade just made our “getting set up to record” process much easier. You nailed it. Just absolutely nailed it. Now I can do two-track recordings from Skype and my USB mic without needing to futz around with default sound preferences, manually hijacking, and firing off an AppleScript to kick off simultaneous recording of the two tracks.

    Everything records now in one simple step. Oh, and I love the dynamic fields I can embed in file names and tags.

    Seriously, you guys just killed it. Best $25 I’ll spend on an upgrade this year. Maybe ever. You should be proud.

  21. Rafael says:

    Will Audio Audio Hijack 3 be available via the Mac App Store at some point in the future?

    Maybe with some of the non apple approved features available as a separate download via the rogueamoeba.com website?

  22. JT says:

    Audio latency through Audio Hijack seems much worse v3.

  23. Paul Kafasis says:

    Cameron Palmer: Because the iOS Simulator deals with audio in a very convoluted fashion, it is not supported as a direct source. Using the System Audio source, you can capture audio from the iOS Simulator.

    Mic Edwards: We’ll see what happens in the future there.

    Simplethings: Thanks for your feedback – obviously, we’ll have to disagree.

    Atomos: Sure does.

    bj That is correct.

    Ethan Banks: Thanks so much for the kind words – glad to hear it’s working well for you! Tell your friends!

    Rafael: We have no plans for that, no. The Mac App Store’s many restrictions make it inhospitable for software like this. We’ll always be selling it directly, via our store.

    JT: Get in touch via our support form for assistance.

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