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Here’s to You, Macworld

After the Apple festivities of Tuesday, yesterday brought some much more somber news. It seems the physical Macworld magazine will cease publication, and Macworld.com will be run with a greatly-reduced staff. There’s not even an official announcement on this, but many now-former Macworld staffers have tweeted about their layoffs, and former editor-in-chief Jason Snell has posted his own related news. Ultimately, nearly all of the folks we’ve interacted with at Macworld have been let go from the company.

This is a sad day. Macworld has been a staple of the past thirty years even as the publishing industry contracted. It will be very strange indeed to no longer find the magazine in print. And while Macworld.com will live on, and perhaps even remain great under the direction of Chris Breen, it has lost nearly all of the people who provided top-notch writing, reviews, and in-depth coverage. This was some of the best writing and reporting in the Apple industry, and it will be sorely missed.

Rogue Amoeba has had far too many friends at Macworld magazine to properly list them all. Way back at Macworld Expo San Francisco in 2004, Jim Dalrymple awarded Nicecast with a Best of Show award. Dan Frakes twice awarded Airfoil with a stellar 4.5 mouse rating. Dan Moren, Chris Breen, Jason Snell, Serenity Caldwell, and many more said kind things, recommended our work, and even presented us with three Editor’s Choice awards. It’s impossible to express how incredibly gratifying it was to have our work honored by people we respect so deeply. Every time our name was mentioned in print or on the web site, it really was a thrill.

For years, Macworld set the standard for Mac journalism, and the volume of talent that is presently unemployed is simply obscene. There’s little doubt that these talented folks will quickly find new opportunities. I only hope that many of them will remain in the Apple space, so that we can continue to benefit from their work for years to come.

3 Responses to “Here’s to You, Macworld”

  1. David Leitch says:

    The end of the physical magazine is inevitable but its harder to understand why this means there is no longer a role for the content creators.

  2. auramac says:

    I follow these guys. Daily. I watched the keynotes on Macworld. Apple is more successful than ever, and all this blows up? These people have been around and are trusted. I’ve been following Dan Frakes since he took over the Evangelist from Guy back in the 90’s. We felt on the same side together, and these guys not only know their stuff they know it well. I’m disgusted. I don’t know who to blame but I hope this group of reporters, writers, and gurus stick together and make themselves available. We still need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shawn King says:

    “I don’t know who to blame…”

    That’s easy. IDG. They couldn’t make the Mac market work for them in a time when the Apple/Mac market has never been bigger.

    “I hope this group of reporters, writers, and gurus stick together …”

    Unlikely unless some organization hires them en masse. And that’s not going to happen.

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