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Intermission 1.1 Brings Big Improvements

In September of last year, we unveiled our newest app, Intermission. With Intermission, you can pause and rewind live audio on your Mac. That means you can pause any audio while you take a call, answer the door, or use the restroom. You can even pause streaming audio on services like Pandora and Spotify to build a buffer, then skip right past the ads and songs you don’t want to hear! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

We’ve been working hard on enhancing the underpinnings of Intermission, and we’re pleased to release version 1.1 today. This update brings several key improvements. First, Intermission has been heavily optimized, reducing its energy usage dramatically. Mother Earth will thank you for updating!

In addition, we’ve improved the way Intermission handles audio. Previously, Intermission could introduce a small amount of latency in live playback. Now, because Intermission removes itself from the audio pipeline entirely during live playback, it causes no latency at all. While this change was extremely complex to implement, the updated design is cleaner and better all around.

Finally, we’ve improved the way Intermission works with higher-end mixers and multi-channel audio output devices. During live playback, Intermission will no longer interfere with these devices in any way, which is a very good thing. Further, all non-stereo audio output devices (such as those higher-end mixers and more) will now also work better with Intermission when it’s playing back non-live audio.

All in all, Intermission should now work flawlessly with far more setups. Couple all that with a myriad of other fixes including improvements with Fast User Switching, and you’ve got a great overall improvement.

Get It Now

If you’ve already got Intermission you can update immediately from the Preferences window. Just click the “Check for Update” button to get the latest. You can also download it directly, of course.

If you’re new to Intermission read all about on the Intermission page, then grab the free trial to take it for a test drive.

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