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Turn Back Time With Our New Product: Intermission

Here at Rogue Amoeba, we’re always hard at work bringing new features and bug fixes alike to your favorite applications. It’s not too often, however, that we get a chance to unveil a brand-new product. In fact, it’s been almost two years since our last true 1.0 release.

So, it’s with no small amount of excitement that we’re releasing a brand-new app today. It’s called Intermission, and it’s going to change the way people listen to audio on their Macs. This is Intermission:

Intermission's main menu

It’s certainly not flashy, is it? However, the simplicity of Intermission’s menu bar interface belies its amazing power. You see, with Intermission, you can stop time, and rewind it too! That’s because Intermission is a tool to let you pause and rewind live audio right on your Mac.

To start, Intermission provides a pause button for all audio playback on your Mac. That means any audio, even streaming content, can be paused while taking a call, answering the door, or using the restroom. Interruptions no longer have to mean missing anything. When you get back, just resume playback, right where you left off.

Intermission also makes it possible to jump back and replay missed audio. The ability to rewind live sports, talk radio, teleconferences and more simply can’t be beat. And after you’ve heard what you missed, one click of “Jump to Live” brings you back to the present again.

Intermission is fantastic for use with streaming music services. It stores up to three hours of content, which means you can pause streaming audio on services like Pandora, iTunes Radio, or Spotify to build a buffer, then skip right past the songs, ads, and anything else you don’t want to hear!

Get It Now

Intermission IconWhy not try out Intermission now? Head over to the Intermission page to learn more, and to download the free trial. All you’ll need is Mac OS X 10.7 or higher to get started.

Of course, when you’re ready to purchase the full version of Intermission, you can buy it instantly through our online store at the special introductory price of just $15.

Update (September 8th, 2013): We’ve had a few questions about Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Mavericks isn’t out just yet, but when it is, we’ll be there of course. Right now, however, the current version prevents itself from running on 10.9. It has not been fully tested on 10.9 yet, so we’re playing it safe. We’ll have news on updates for Mavericks soon, right here on this blog. You can also check our Status page for in-depth information. For now, we definitely recommend sticking with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Tell Us About It

While we obviously have some great use cases in mind already, we’re excited to hear about all the ways users will take advantage of the power Intermission provides. After you’ve tried it out, please send us any questions or feedback you have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Bonus: Recording From the Past as Well

Audio Hijack Pro IconWhile working on Intermission, we realized something very cool: it can even be used to record audio from the past! By pairing up Intermission with our audio recorder Audio Hijack Pro, you can record important conversations or audio streams, minutes or even hours later. Just rewind the audio in Intermission, then hit Record in Audio Hijack, and you’ll be able to archive anything you’ve just heard. Intermission’s manual provides full details on recording from the past.

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