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Real World Usage: Routing Audio From Specific Apps to Different Outputs

Update (March 26th, 2019): With the release of SoundSource 4, we now have a tool expressly designed for routing audio playback from different applications to different outputs. Check it out here.

This post is preserved in its entirety for historical purposes.

If you work with audio on your Mac, it’s likely you have multiple audio outputs hooked up. If so, this tip is for you. With the help of Audio Hijack Pro, you can route audio from different applications to different outputs. That means you can do things like sending your music to one output, such as a good set of USB speakers, while other audio continues to play through your Mac’s built-in speakers. Nice!

The folks over at iDownload Blog have a helpful post explaining just how to accomplish this. Their quick video shows exactly how to get your audio routed just as you desire. While Audio Hijack Pro wasn’t designed with this idea specifically in mind, it’s more than powerful enough to help you get this functionality. If you’re interested, download a free trial of Audio Hijack Pro to test it out.

Fuzzy Memories

Rogue Amoeba fans who’ve been with us since the beginning may have fuzzy memories of a product we once made called Detour, which performed a similar function. While that product was ultimately discontinued almost nine years ago, we know there are plenty of people who want to send audio from specific apps to different audio outputs. With this tip and Audio Hijack Pro, you can do just that.

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