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Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2 Restores Apple TV Compatibility

Airfoil for Mac IconLast week, we posted about an incompatibility between the 6.0 software update for Apple TVs and our audio streamer Airfoil. On Wednesday, we released Airfoil for Mac 4.8.1, which resolved the issue for Mac users. Today, we’re pleased to provide a fix for Airfoil for Windows as well. With Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2, just released, you can stream audio to Apple TVs running the latest software (as well as all other AirPlay-compatible devices).

All Airfoil for Windows users should update to version 3.5.2 immediately. It’s a free update, so download it directly from the Airfoil for Windows page. Once you’ve got the update, you’ll be safe to update your Apple TV to version 6.0 as well.

5 Responses to “Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2 Restores Apple TV Compatibility”

  1. Butler says:

    Great job! Thank you guys for restoring Airfoil for Windows Apple TV Compatibility.
    I use Airfoil for Windows on daily basis and I can’t tell you how frustrated I was when it stopped working. You guys are brilliant. Please keep up your good work. Your software is the best on the market.
    I am writing from United Kingdom and Airfoil changed the way I listen to music. Continue to do what you do best.


  2. Lau says:

    Im using XP, there is no download file at the page…It telling that :The latest Airfoil requires Mac OS X between 6.0 and 6.2.

  3. Viktor says:

    Airfoil still does not work with the new update of ATV.

  4. Victor says:

    Airfoil on my Mac was working just fine until yesterday when I upgraded to the new version of Airfoil, and my Apple TV upgraded to the new version of iOS. Here is the detailed response:

    Domain: SSAirfoilErrorDomain

    Code: -1500

    NSLocalizedDescription: RTSP Protocol Error

    NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion: Airfoil received an unexpected status code (Code: 406, Reason: Not Acceptable).

    SSHTTPStatusCodeKey: 406

    SSRTSPRequest: ANNOUNCE rtsp:// RTSP/1.0
    Active-Remote: 1881643405
    Client-Instance: 86747737FC0D68D6
    Client-instance-identifier: F8F10F2D-993C-4E9F-B361-5F6835929CD1
    Content-Type: application/sdp
    CSeq: 2
    Content-Length: 564
    User-Agent: Airfoil/4.8.0 (Macintosh; N; Intel)
    Client-computer-name: Victor’s MacBook Pro
    DACP-ID: 45F0354B75646C6E

    o=iTunes 3463682002 0 IN IP4
    c=IN IP4
    t=0 0
    m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 96
    a=rtpmap:96 AppleLossless
    a=fmtp:96 352 0 16 40 10 14 2 255 0 0 44100

    SSRTSPResponse: RTSP/1.0 406 Not Acceptable
    Content-Length: 0
    Server: AirTunes/190.9
    CSeq: 2

  5. Scotty says:

    after the installation of Airfoil 3.5.2 i got an error message on Windows 7:
    Could not load type ‘System.Windows.Input.ICommand’ from assembly ‘System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’.

    I installed .NET Framework 4.5 afterwards and now it is working like a charm.


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