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Airfoil for Mac 4.8.1 Restores Apple TV Compatibility

Airfoil for Mac IconLast week, we posted about an incompatibility between the 6.0 software update for Apple TVs and our audio streamer Airfoil. Today, we’re happy to say that issue has been resolved in Airfoil for Mac. Airfoil 4.8.1, just released, works fine with the new Apple TV update (and all other AirPlay-compatible devices).

All Airfoil for Mac users should update to version 4.8.1 immediately. You can select “Check for Update” from the Airfoil menu, or download it directly from the Airfoil for Mac page. Once you’ve got the update, you’ll be safe to update your Apple TV to version 6.0 as well.

Airfoil for Windows Update in the Works

Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2 has now been released, and restores the ability to stream to Apple TVs.

The Apple TV 6.0 update also broke the ability of Airfoil for Windows to stream to the device. Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2 is also in the works, and we hope to have it out shortly. So, Windows users, watch for an update very, very soon.

Special Thanks

Musicality IconWe need to take a moment to thank Jason over at Industrious One, makers of the Pandora/Last.fm/Grooveshark audio player Musicality (which has great integration with Airfoil, Airfoil Speakers, and Airfoil Remote). Jason clued us in to the fix here, and we’re terrifically grateful.

If you’re a Pandora, Last.fm, or Grooveshark listener, give Musicality a whirl, with a free trial right from the Industrious One site.

7 Responses to “Airfoil for Mac 4.8.1 Restores Apple TV Compatibility”

  1. wesco says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Steve Hoge says:

    Knew you could do it!

    Is the fix a Top Secret or can you give us a clue how you worked around the new encryption scheme?

  3. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Steve: Certainly not a secret, given that Jason told us the workaround. But until someone else shares it publicly first, I’m going to be cautious and say email me if you want the details. It’s very very simple.

  4. Joe says:

    You folks are awesome! Thanks for figuring out the fix so quickly!

  5. jpo@pupco says:

    indeed–you guys rock–fuck apple!!!! and im an apple guy! lol

  6. j says:

    thanks for the fast fix

  7. nice! says:

    Nicely done! Thanks for the quick fix!

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