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Macworld Follow-Up

As detailed last week, I had a busy opening Thursday at Macworld/iWorld. The trivia event was a blast, but you really had to be there for that one. The second panel, hosted by Lex Friedman, was packed to the gills. Unfortunately, it was not recorded for later viewing. I did have several great discussions with some of our customers after the panel wrapped up — thanks for stopping by!

The very first panel I did (“A Word from the Developers”), alongside Dan Moren, Guy English, and Rob Rhyne, did get recorded (almost all of it, anyway). You can see a short clip on “saying no” right here, and check out a link to the full talk as well. We discussed many of the challenges facing aspiring and nascent app developers, with Rob and Guy sounding intelligent and me along for the ride.

As usual, I had a great time at a very busy show, with both the expo and conference portions being well-attended and having lots to offer. I continue to recommend attending Macworld/iWorld to anyone who’s interested – the iFan pass is a particularly good deal, especially when purchased early.

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