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Macworld/iWorld 2013 Events

Though Apple last exhibited at Macworld San Francisco back in 2009, the show is still going strong under the new Macworld/iWorld name. It’s changed in ways both big and small since Apple bailed, but it’s still well worth a visit, particularly if you’re local. You really can’t go wrong with the world’s largest event dedicated to Mac and iOS users. As you may know, Rogue Amoeba has continued to exhibit our wares at Macworld (in even-numbered years, like 2012 and 2010). We’re in an off-year for exhibiting, but I’ll still be attending the show for meetings, events, and to wander the exhibit hall. In addition, I’ll be participating in three different talks, all foolishly crammed into one day, Thursday, January 31st.

“A Word from the Developers”

(January 31st, 11 AM, Macworld Live stage)

First up, I’ll be on a developer panel run by Macworld’s Dan Moren. Along with Rogue Amoeba alumnus Guy English (now working on a great new app called Napkin) and Rob Rhyne (of contract shop Martian Craft), we’ll be discussing the decisions developers make every day as we try to make the best possible apps for mass audiences. This talk is open to all attendees.

“iCloud, App Stores & Other Things to Fear: Has Apple Forgotten Power Users?”

(January 31st, 1 PM, Room 2014)

Next up, I’ll be joining Macworld’s Lex Friedman for a panel chock full of writers. Also on that panel will be John Gruber (of Daring Fireball fame), Rene Ritchie (of iMore.com), and Matthew Panzarino (of The Next Web). We’ll be talking about the changing approach Apple has taken in the past half-decade, as they’ve taken over the mass-market.

“Answer, Please: An Apple Trivia Extravaganza with Glitz, Glamour & Great Prizes”

(January 31st, 3 PM, Room 2011)

Finally, Dan Moren and I will be combining our powers once again, to host a trivia event for the ages! The description may be overstating the glitz and the glamour, but I can assure you that the prizes are indeed great, thanks to our generous sponsors. Show off your Apple knowledge, and you could win the nifty olloclip iPhone camera lens (check them out at booth #716 in the Exhibit Hall), Studio Neat’s wonderful Cosmonaut stylus (they’re over at booth #554), BusyMac’s fabulous calendar BusyCal (visit the Appalooza area to find them), and more!

So bring a team of up to 6 people, along with all the Apple knowledge you can cram into your brain. We can’t promise this event will be as educational or informative as other talks, but we’re betting it’ll be more fun. Best of all, you could walk out of there with a great prize from our sponsors.

Getting In

To get in to the 1 PM and 3 PM events, you’ll need an iFan pass. Fortunately, with this link you can get pick one up for half-price, just $50. If you win one of our fantastic prizes, that pass will have paid for itself. Plus, the iFan pass will get you in to all the other Tech Talks, as well as the Special Events, including actors Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad discussing their upcoming film jOBS, hip-hop star will.i.am talking about the future, and veteran of Saturday Night Live Fred Armisen talking technology and creativity. Be sure to order your iFan pass by January 30th to save.

Alternately, you can get a free Exhibit Hall pass through that link, but the iFan pass is really the best way to see it all (and the only way to get a chance at those prizes).

I hope to see you at Macworld!

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  1. BillB says:

    Awww man! That trivia event sounds like fun but I won’t be there until Saturday!!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for the iFAN pass! I will definitely see you at the quiz event.

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