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Hell Froze Over. Again.

We here at Rogue Amoeba are happy and more than a little frightened to be unveiling the Airfoil for Windows Public Beta, available for download right now.

Introducing Airfoil For Windows

Airfoil Windows Screenshot

If you’re not familiar with Airfoil, it enables any audio to be sent to Apple’s popular AirPort Express hardware, which is otherwise confined to a monogamous and monotonous relationship with iTunes. With Airfoil you can send audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and just about any other audio application to the AirPort Express.

Since Airfoil was first released for the Mac fourteen months ago, users have both pleaded for and demanded a Windows version, they’ve speculated that we had one in the works, and we even used it as part of an April Fools’ joke this year. And while we are most definitely not leaving the Mac platform, we did feel Airfoil was just too good not to share with our Windows brethren.

So here it is, the Airfoil for Windows Public Beta. It’s not completely done, but all of the features for the 1.0 are in place, and we’re working to nail down any remaining bugs. Please download Airfoil for Windows now, and report any issues directly to us. Otherwise, you can purchase Airfoil for Windows for $25 from the Buy Airfoil menu item right inside the application. Your license will be valid on the final Airfoil for Windows 1.0.

So whether you’re running Mac OS X or Windows, you can learn more about Airfoil or download it directly right now. You can also read the full press release for today here.

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