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Poisson d’Avril 2006

Even more so than last year, it has become necessary to note that Rogue Amoeba is not transforming into a Windows-only software company. We are now and will remain committed to the Macintosh platform. Meanwhile, John C. Dvorak is now and will remain a fixture of ridicule in the Mac world, surviving almost solely on bluster.

No, folks, this news was posted on April 1st, a day oft-used to play a mischievous practical joke. If you were caught by it, take this time to mark your 2007 calendar with a simple “Don’t be fooled today” reminder. If you got the joke, we hope you enjoyed it.

All of our April Fool’s jokes are always accessible with the rougeamoeba.com domain, a common and amusing misspelling of our name.

Update (May 12th, 2006): As far as Airfoil For Windows goes, please see this page!

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