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The previously mentioned Evening At Adler took place this past weekend, and it was a blast. I was able to talk to old friends Brent Simmons and Gus Mueller at length, having not seen them since the OS X Conference two years ago. As well, we were all able to make some new contacts, both with the other panelists and the attendees. A big thanks has to go out to DrunkenBatman for putting this together, as well as all the volunteers who helped out, especially Thom May from Adler.

The panel itself was full of smart, fun Mac developers, and I think we really delved into some good topics. These ranged from how to get started as a Mac dev to DRM to, yes, unit testing. We had good back and forth on every topic imaginable, took questions from the audience, and even cracked a few jokes. And while he may not believe it, DrunkenBatman was an exceptional moderator who allowed it all to flow nicely.

It’s tough to provide much more detail than that, without going over everything. The evening was quite a blur, from the pre-talk get together by the panelists to the talk itself to the party afterwards. One thing I do know is that you should have been there. If you weren’t, there should be a video of the event posted in the near future and when that’s up, we’ll be sure to link to it. If you’re lucky, DB will put on another event like this next year.

In this photo, pictured from right to left are Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch, Paul Kafasis (hey, that’s me!), the legendary DrunkenBatman himself, and Brent Simmons, holding one of our plush Ammo toys, someone wearing an incredibly nerdy and great “I hack my Mac.” t-shirt, and half of someone else (sorry guys, I don’t know your names!). This photo was snapped outside Jak’s Tap, where we went after the talk so everyone could mingle. It was great to talk to the people who came out. Some even flew out, from places as far as Texas and Atlanta. I wouldn’t have thought we were worth that trip, but hopefully you all had a great time. And to everyone who bought a round, well, you get an extra special thanks! Hopefully, we’ll see you again at Macworld San Francisco (Booth #431) or even the upcoming Podcast & Portable Media Expo (booth #410).

Photo by Jacqui Cheng

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