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Last week, Rogue Amoeba was a part of the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference (or TenCon 2003), in Santa Clara, California. And yes, if you just checked that link, that is someone in a Rogue Amoeba t-shirt at the bottom of the page. Quentin, in fact, working on some of the last bits of code for Nicecast.

We had a lot of fun, and did a lot of work, releasing Nicecast from the conference and getting a lot of positive feedback on it. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at our booth in the Exhibit Hall, talking to fans of our work and potential customers alike, and showing off Nicecast, as well as all the rest of our product line. And according to one anonymous source, I could be heard early Friday morning (back in Boston) giving my booth spiel in my sleep. That’s more than a little disturbing. Beyond this, I was up on stage along with 8 other OS X Innovators, answering questions from the audience and talking shop.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. The booth was exhausting, the session was fun, and the face time and contacts we made were invaluable. If we saw you there, thanks for stopping by. If you missed it, maybe we’ll see you at MWSF – I’m still considering it, so TenCon didn’t scare us too much.

Anyway, below are a few images from the show –

Paul At Our Booth

Paul At The Innovators Session

Quentin finishing Nicecast code Monday afternoon (for a Tuesday release)

Hope to see you at our next show!

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