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MacOS 14 (Sonoma) Is Now Fully Supported

As you can see on our trusty Status page, every Rogue Amoeba application is now updated with full support for MacOS 14 (Sonoma).

Prior to Sonoma’s official release in September, we announced that all of our software had initial support for the new OS. Nevertheless, we always urge caution with OS updates, particularly for those with production setups like podcasters. Taking it slow with even official OS releases is a good idea to avoid unnecessary headaches.

Following the 14.0 release, we also spent quite a bit of time testing against Apple’s betas of 14.1. There were substantial breaking changes made by Apple in 14.1, and additional updates were required. Those updates shipped last week, and we’re now delighted to declare that our entire lineup has full support for Sonoma. If you’ve been putting off updating to Sonoma, now’s a great time to make the move.

Just make sure you’re running our latest versions, and you’ll be ready to upgrade your Mac’s OS.

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