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A Quick Note on Forthcoming Support for MacOS 14 (Sonoma)

Apple has just announced a new version of the Mac’s operating system: MacOS 14 (Sonoma). We’re already hard at work on new versions of our products to support Sonoma, which will be arriving this fall. We intend to have official updates in time for Apple’s public OS release later this year.

Our Status page is now updated with basic info for Sonoma, and we’ll post further updates there in the coming months, including test releases when they eventually become available.

For now, however, our products are not yet supported on beta versions of Sonoma, and most will not run at all.1 We strongly encourage you to stick with MacOS 13 (Ventura) or lower for the time being, avoiding Apple’s beta OS releases.

For additional details, please see our knowledge base article on beta versions of MacOS. Beyond that, stay tuned for more news late this summer.


  1. Our soundboard app Farrago and our audio editor Fission will run, once you bypass a warning screen. The rest of our apps require an update to the backend Audio Capture Engine (ACE), and do not yet provide any access to functionality whatsoever. ↩︎

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