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Level Up to Audio Hijack 4.1

When we shipped Audio Hijack 4.0 last year, we also had a roadmap for further releases containing additional features and enhancements. Today, we’re thrilled to show off the first of those releases: Audio Hijack 4.1. It’s available now as a free update for all Audio Hijack 4 users, and it contains an astonishing 53 enhancements. Read on for details or just click to download immediately.

The Overhauled Session List (And Global Window)

The updated Session List

Audio Hijack automatically saves your sessions for re-use, displaying them in its Session List window. That window has now been greatly enhanced.

  • Customizable Columns: Now you can customize the exact columns shown in the Session List, by clicking the ||| view options button.

  • Optional New Columns: Audio Hijack now has columns for Recordings (A count of recordings found in each session) and Timers (A count of timers in each session), as well as a new stand-alone Meters column.

  • Adjustable Column Widths: You can now change the width of any column in the Session List. Most notably, the Meters column can be resized between 5 and 30 bars wide.

  • More Sorting Options: It’s now possible to sort based on additional columns, not just the session name.

The Session List now looks and acts more like a standard Finder window in List view, and that’s very nice.

Sessions are also found in Audio Hijack’s global window, which lives in the menu bar to provide access even when the app is in the background:

Audio Hijack 4.1’s updated Global Window

This window has also seen substantial updates. Like the Session List, it behaves more like a Finder window, with new columns and enhanced sorting. As well, when it’s detached, the visable columns can now be customized and their widths can be adjusted.

More Powerful System Audio Source

The System Audio input block has always allowed you to capture all audio playing on your Mac, but now it’s much more customizable.

The updated System Audio popover

The new controls allow you to exclude specific sources manually, to capture “All system audio except X”. In addition, you now have the option to include alert sounds, like notification dings and error beeps. With this update, System Audio is more powerful than ever.

Audio Hijack Gets Smaller

Many users, especially podcasters, wish to have Audio Hijack recording in the background while other apps are in use. We’ve made some changes to make this work better for you. First up, session windows can now be shrunk way, way down to a much smaller minimum size. The Session meters are also now tied to the window width, and will disappear at the narrowest widths:

A minimum size session window in Audio HIjack 4.1

Of course, thanks to Audio Hijack’s optionally floating popovers, you don’t have to leave your session visible at all. The Recorder popover can be collapsed to a very small size, as seen here:

Audio Hijack’s Recorder popover, pinned for global access

Pin it for easy reference, so you can see your recording no matter what app you have in the foreground.

Interface Refinements

There are many other interface refinements to be found in Audio Hijack 4.1. Control-click in the Session List to access the new contextual menu, allowing for fast duplicating, exporting, and deletion. When playing a recording in a session’s Recordings tab, click the right time readout to see the track’s remaining time count down. The delete button in the Session List window is now helpfully labeled “Delete Session”, for improved clarity.

And last but certainly not least, lists have been improved throughout the application. You might not even notice most of these changes, but they’ll make the app feel and work better.

Additional New Features

The new features don’t stop there. We’ve also added:

Standard Audio Unit Presets: Audio Hijack now saves and reads standard Audio Unit presets, meaning they can be read by other applications which support Audio Units, including our own app SoundSource.

Recording Inspector Updates: The Recording Inspector window has been improved, with the ability to rename files without needing to go to the Finder, new time readouts, new status indicators for active recordings, and some useful reorganization.

Scripting Enhancements: Following useful feedback from scripters, we’ve extended scripting support to include renaming, moving, and setting tags on recorded files. Deleted scripts are also now better handled by automations, the read-only nature of built-in scripts has been made more obvious, and both logging and errors from scripts were improved as well.

Give the release notes for 4.1 a read to learn even more.

Bugs Be Gone

We always want our latest version to be our greatest version, and part of that is whittling down the number of known issues. In addition to enhancements, we also took time to eliminate over two dozen bugs and rough edges. Among other fixes, the “Undo” function now works more smoothly, several rare crashes have been eliminated, and small visual glitches have been corrected.

Audio Hijack 4.1 Is Available Now

Audio Hijack 4.1 is a free update for all users of version 4. To download it, just select “Check for Updates” from the “Audio Hijack” menu.

If you’re an Audio Hijack 3 user who hasn’t yet moved up to version 4, you can still do so at the heavily discounted upgrade price of just $29. Get started on the “What’s New in Audio Hijack 4” page.

And if you’ve made it this far, but you’re entirely new to Audio Hijack? Click to learn more about the Mac’s premier audio recording tool, and download the free trial.

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