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All Rogue Amoeba Apps Now Have Full Ventura Support

With the recent release of Fission 2.8.3, every Rogue Amoeba application is now updated with full support for Mac OS 13 (Ventura).

Each summer, we caution users to steer clear of Apple’s MacOS public betas, because our products require extensive upgrades for each new operating system version. While those OS betas are in flux, we’re working hard on our own updates, with the goal of providing them shortly before Apple’s official release of the new OS. In 2022, we were once again successful in meeting that goal. Our initial Ventura-compatible updates shipped the week prior to Ventura’s release.

For folks doing production work, however, it’s always good to wait a little longer for full confirmation that all is well on the new OS. Our initial updates were quite solid, but there were some small improvements to be made, alongside additional large-scale testing. We’ve now finished a second round of updates, and as our ever-useful Status page shows, these updates offer full support for Ventura.

Make sure you have our latest versions, and you’ll be ready to move to Ventura.

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