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Details on Forthcoming Support for MacOS 13 (Ventura)

Update (September 12, 2022): As our ever-useful Status page shows, we now have Ventura-compatible test releases available for all our products. We recommend all users stick with officially supported versions of MacOS, but if you’re already on Ventura, enable test releases to get the latest.

The 2022 edition of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicked off earlier today, and as expected the keynote announced a new version of MacOS arriving this fall: MacOS 13 (Ventura). We’ve already begun downloading the developer preview to start work on supporting Ventura, and—as always—our intent is to have official updates in time for the public release in the fall.

Skip Apple’s Betas

The announcement of a new operating system means it’s also time for our standard reminder that our software will not yet run on the new OS. We always urge our customers to steer clear of beta versions of Apple’s operating systems until we’ve had a chance to vet them, and that remains the case with Ventura.

Because OS updates can contain breaking changes to the audio system, we code our apps defensively to avoid causing issues. By design, our products that rely on our Audio Capture Engine (ACE) will not run on pre-release versions of MacOS, and our other apps will warn you of potential issues on launch. At present, that means running Ventura would preclude you from using most of our apps.

For now, you’ll need to be running MacOS 12 (Monterey), MacOS 11 (Big Sur), MacOS 10.15 (Catalina), or MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) to use our apps. Sticking with publicly released versions of MacOS ensures you can continue to use our tools.

In addition to our own products, we also license our audio capture technology for use in over a dozen third-party applications on the Mac. Products which license ACE, including popular applications like Discord, Logitech Capture, and Twitch, will also require updates for Ventura. The developers of those products will have more to share in the coming months, but you should not expect updates to come before the fall.

If you find yourself with an uncontrollable urge to be an OS beta tester, we strongly recommend taking Apple’s advice to install a separate copy in its own APFS volume on your Mac. It will preserve your ability to use the current release of MacOS (including our software and those third-party apps) while you check in on the upcoming OS release in a separate environment.

Test Releases

This is also a good time to remind you about our test release system, which we introduced last year. Test releases allow us to preview updates to our apps before a wider release, so if you’re interested in trying out changes to our products you can do so before the general public. In the future, those test releases will include the very first updates to be compatible with Ventura, and we’ll make note of that availability too.

To learn more about test releases, read this Knowledge Base article.

More to Come This Fall

Each year, we aim to ship compatible public versions of our software in time for Apple’s official release in fall. That’s a goal we’ve set, and met, for many years running. We intend to keep the streak going in 2022.

We’ll have more news on our own products soon, and our Status page always provides information on OS compatibility for all of our products. That page has already been refreshed with basic info on Ventura, and we’ll continue to update that in the coming months.

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