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Get Faster Device Switching and Enhanced Effects With SoundSource 5.3

If you’re reading these words, it means that a big update to SoundSource is now available. SoundSource 5.3 is the latest version of our superior audio control utility, and it includes more than two dozen new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. With one click, you can download it right now.

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Fast Device Switching and Keyboard Control

Speeding up the process of changing the Mac’s default audio devices has always been one of SoundSource’s strong suits. With our newest in-app keyboard shortcuts, switching your devices is now faster than ever. Use SoundSource’s global hotkey to reveal SoundSource, then hit Cmd-0 to select the default output device. Arrow to your desired device, hit Return, and you’re done. Similarly, Cmd-Hyphen (-) gets you to the Mac’s default input device, while Cmd-1 through Cmd-9 will let you adjust application-specific output devices.

Many other areas of the app also feature supercharged keyboard control. When a slider is selected, typing a numerical value will now set it precisely. In addition, modifiers are now supported when using arrow keys to adjust sliders, with Shift-arrow providing a 10x modification and Option-arrow providing a 0.1x modification. Finally, tabbing between Audio Unit controls has been refined, making keyboard entry a breeze.

Major Effects Improvements

Speaking of Audio Units, they’re now hosted in a separate process, which prevents misbehaving plugins from crashing SoundSource. On the newest M1 Macs, this enables top-notch support for Intel-based plugins running in emulation. To improve the Audio Unit experience still more, the display of MacOS’s built-in Audio Unit effects has been streamlined, with a more appealing interface that avoids redundancy.

If you frequently make adjustments to effects in SoundSource, you’ll love the new “Bypass Effects” option. With it, you can quickly disable all effects processing on individual applications or the default output device, making it easy to A/B test your changes. Even better, the handy “Bypass Effects” keyboard shortcut (Option-Command-B) makes experimenting to get the perfect sound lightning fast.

There’s lots more when it comes to improvements for audio effects. The “Headphone EQ” effect can now load custom-created profiles, as well as files exported from Room EQ Wizard (REW). Effects can now be duplicated by copy and pasting. Using generic interfaces with Audio Units is now even easier, with an Option-click loading the generic interface once, while holding option when adding an Audio Unit will automatically toggle on the “Use Generic Audio Unit Interface” setting.

If you use SoundSource to adjust audio with effects, this update will be a great leap forward.

A Slew Of Additional Enhancements

There are so many other updates worth noting that we must now turn to our trusty friend the bullet list:

  • Even Better Undo Support: SoundSource now supports more robust Undo throughout the entire app, making it a breeze to revert settings changes.

  • Single-Key Shortcuts: The “Show SoundSource” global hotkey now supports using a single key shortcut to bring SoundSource forward. F13 is a lovely choice for desktops.

  • No Input? No Problem!: A helpful new visual is now shown for Macs which have no input device attached, such as the Mac Mini.

  • Multi-Slider Select: It’s now possible to select and adjust multiple sliders at once with the 10-Band EQ.

  • High-Contrast Support: The entire interface now better supports the “Increase contrast” setting found in the “Accessibility” System Preference.

  • Corrections for Slider Readouts: VoiceOver now correctly reads volume slider values after they’ve been adjusted.

  • Minimizing VoiceOver Impact: To avoid negatively impacting VoiceOver’s guidance, SoundSource now intelligently disables audio adjustments to “System Speech” when VoiceOver is active.

There are many more refinements, as well as a handful of bug fixes. As always, the latest version is the greatest version, so get it now.


SoundSource 5.3 is another free update for all users of version 5. If you’re already rocking with SoundSource, just click the “Check for Updates…” button in SoundSource’s Preferences window.

If you’re a SoundSource 4 user, visit the “What’s New in SoundSource 5” page to learn more about version 5, and to access discounted upgrade pricing.

Finally, if you made it this far, yet still haven’t tried out SoundSource? Click right here to download the free trial. You’ll be glad you did.

Big Sur and M1 Updates Are Now Complete

With this update to SoundSource, all of our products are now fully compatible with the new M1-based Macs, powered by Apple Silicon. Of course, they also have full compatibility with MacOS 11 (Big Sur) running on Intel.

Just make sure you have the latest versions of our products, and you’ll be set.

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