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Learn About Rogue Amoeba Apps With Allison Sheridan

In recent months, tech podcaster Allison Sheridan has been making extensive use of several of our audio tools. This has led to great posts on her blog like “How I use Loopback to Solve a Variety of Problems” and “Interesting Audio Hijack Sessions”.

In addition, Allison has worked with Don McAllister’s excellent ScreenCastsOnline, which provides helpful video tutorials for all manner of Apple-related tools. There, she’s produced two in-depth video tutorials. The first covers SoundSource extensively, while the second reviewed both Audio Hijack and Loopback.

We’re always grateful to see our tools explored in such depth, and it’s tremendously helpful to have such detailed looks made available to others. If you’re interested in learning more about these apps, check these links out today!

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