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SoundSource Gives You Volume Control of Any Audio Outputs, Including HDMI and DisplayPort Devices

Do you have an audio device which doesn’t allow for volume control when connected up to your Mac? When sending audio to a display connected via HDMI or DisplayPort, or to any non-standard digital audio device, MacOS will offer no volume adjustment. Worse, pressing the volume keys on your keyboard just shows a frustrating on-screen display.

With our audio control utility SoundSource, you can turn that frustration into satisfaction.

SoundSource gives you volume control over any audio output devices, even those the system refuses to adjust. Better still, the “Super Volume Keys” feature enables your keyboard volume controls to adjust any device as well.

We’ve written up a brief Knowledge Base article explaining how this all works. Give it a read and try out SoundSource to gain volume control over all your audio output devices.

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