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Come Attend Everywhere School

I’m going to take a quick break from my usual posts about audio software design to talk about about a special personal side project I’m launching today: Everywhere School.

Everywhere School is a real-time web directory of educational live streams for kids stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The site shows a live chronological list of upcoming streams from artists, musicians, authors, and more. I’m adding streams each day, and will keep adding more as this isolation period goes on. Submissions are welcome.

Everywhere School Screenshot

I limit screen time for my kid, but these live streams have given our long days a much-needed combination of education, entertainment, and just plain seeing another gosh darn real person in real time.

The night before last, my family watched a live concert, after which we tuned in to a short talk on astronomy. That stream included a telescope tour of the moon’s Sea of Tranquility, as well as guidance for watching as the International Space Station orbited over our city. We managed a tour of outer space, all while keeping in strict isolation.

Everywhere School was built in a week or so of spare time in partnership with a web developer. In this difficult time, we hope it can give some relief to both bored children and stressed parents.

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