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Get Airfoil Satellite 2.0, for iOS

Airfoil users, rejoice – we’ve just shipped a major update to our iOS app Airfoil Satellite, which turns your iOS device into an audio receiver and remote control for Airfoil. Airfoil Satellite for iOS 2.0 can now be downloaded from the iOS App Store, free of charge.

If you don’t already know, Airfoil is our popular whole-house audio streaming tool. With it, you can send any audio from your Mac or PC to devices all around your house, without no wires needed.

When you add Airfoil Satellite for iOS to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, they can join the party. Use Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite together to wirelessly send any audio from your computer to your mobile devices, and to control all your audio playback.

New in Airfoil Satellite 2.0

Airfoil Satellite 2.0 includes an overhauled design, backend enhancements, and many more improvements.

A New, Modern Design

We refined the design of the entire application in Airfoil Satellite 2.0. The new tab-based interface makes it easy to navigate the entire app, so all the controls you need are just a tap or two away.

The new Airfoil Satellite 2 on iOS

The Now Playing screen has been spruced up, Settings are now easier to access, and remote control of Airfoil itself is still a snap. The screens on all the latest hardware are properly supported, including every size of iPhone and iPad.

Enhanced Performance

We also did a lot of work on Airfoil Satellite’s backend. This isn’t eye-catching like a redesigned interface, or even visible to the eye at all, but it should mean more reliable network performance. That means your audio streams as you expect it to, and Airfoil Satellite communicates with Airfoil more reliably than ever.

Much More

There are many more updates in version 2. We’ve added a handy new setting to prevent your iOS device from sleeping, so it’s always available on the network and always shows what’s playing. The “Now Playing” screen now features an on-screen volume slider, for adjusting the level of local playback. We’ve even added a custom URL scheme, so other iOS apps can better integrate with Airfoil Satellite.1

There’s lots more to see, so download the latest today!

Download Airfoil Satellite 2 on iOS

Airfoil Satellite is immediately available for all iOS devices running iOS 9 or higher. If you’re already an Airfoil Satellite user, just open up the App Store on your iOS device to update. Otherwise, tap below from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to download this free app:

If you’re new to the Airfoil family, you’ve been missing out. Give it a try to stream audio all around your house, with Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite.

Happy streaming!


  1. With Airfoil Satellite 2.0.0 and up, the following commands are supported:

    • satellite:open

    • satellite:playpause

    • satellite:tracknext

    • satellite:trackprevious

    • satellite:volumeup

    • satellite:volumedown

    iOS app developers who need more information are encouraged to get in touch. ↩︎

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