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Audio Editing With Fission 2.5

The latest update to our easy-to-use audio editor Fission is now available. Fission 2.5 can be downloaded directly from our site, as well as in the Mac App Store. This update brings full support for MacOS 10.15 (Catalina), along with additional updates and improvements.

Full Dark Mode Support

Fission has long offered a choice between two themes, dark and light. However, it has not previously supported MacOS’s “Dark Mode”, introduced in MacOS 10.14 (Mojave). With Fission 2.5, there’s now full support for Dark Mode throughout the app.

Fission’s updated Appearance preference

You can adjust Fission’s appearance right from the Preferences window. The “Match System” setting will cause Fission to follow your OS-wide appearance.1 If you prefer, you can instead force Fission to use the “Light” or “Dark” theme, regardless of your system-wide settings.

Keep Rocking With Custom Ringtones

Readers may recall that the 2017 release of iTunes 12.7 changed and broke many things. At the time, Fission needed a major update to continue helping you make custom ringtones for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With the release of Catalina, iTunes has ceased to be entirely, with its functions now spread across multiple applications. As a result, another update for Fission is needed for Catalina.

The update to Fission 2.5 brings full support for making custom ringtones on Catalina. We’ve also updated our helpful support article about making custom ringtones, to include instructions for users on Catalina, as well as older operating systems. With Fission 2.5, you can continue to set custom tones to play when you receive a phone call or text message, as well as when an alarm or timer goes off.

Update to Fission 2.5 Today

If you’re already a Fission user, just select “Check for Update” from the Fission menu to move up to version 2.5, or click “Free Download” below to download it directly.

If you’re new to Fission, visit the product page to learn more about fast and easy-to-use audio editor.

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  1. The “Match System” option follows the General System Preference. On MacOS 10.14 and up, it follows the “Appearance” setting, while MacOS 10.13 and 10.12 use the older “Use dark menu bar and Dock” setting. ↩︎

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