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Tutorials for Our Entire Ultimate Podcast Bundle

Hot on the heels of our recent post about videos from Chris Enns, another useful set of helpful videos about Rogue Amoeba’s apps is now available on YouTube. Mike Russell runs Music Radio Creative, an international audio production company, and he’s recently posted videos on:


How to Play Music and System Audio Through Skype (Loopback 2 Tutorial)

Audio Hijack

How to Use Audio Hijack to Record Skype (Tutorial)


A Podcast Soundboard App for Mac (Introducing Farrago)


Adding Podcast Metadata and Making Lossless mp3 Edits (Fission Tutorial)

These videos are an excellent way to get started with our apps, and it’s great that Mike is sharing his knowledge and skills. If you’re looking to begin podcasting, folks like Mike and Chris even offer online training to help you get started. And of course, you can save big on the tools mentioned above, by purchasing our Ultimate Podcast Bundle. Happy podcasting!

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