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Loopback 2 Is Audio Routing, Simplified

Get excited, Loopback users! We’re now shipping Loopback 2.0, a major upgrade to our popular audio routing utility. The success of the first release of Loopback gave us the chance to go back to the drawing board for version two. We focused on making the app both more powerful and more accessible, with an intuitive wire-based interface that better illustrates how your audio will flow.

Loopback’s easy to understand wire-based routing

If you’re already familiar with Loopback, you can jump over to our “What’s New in Loopback 2” web page to read all about the new features. This upgrade is a fantastic leap forward.

New to Loopback?

Loopback gives you control over how audio flows between apps and devices on your Mac. Since it first shipped in early 2016, Loopback has gained a substantial audience of podcasters, screencasters, audio techs, and more. Loopback’s power is great for a wide variety of uses, including:

Playing Audio to All Podcast Guests

When a physical mic is coupled with a music player like iTunes or a soundboard app like Farrago, guests on Skype can hear your voice, as well sound effects and musical add-ons.

Creating Top-Notch Screencasts

Screen recording tools grab either microphone audio or all system audio, and neither option is ideal. With Loopback, get just the audio you need by recording only the mic and the application being filmed.

Pairing It With Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack is best known for letting you record any audio, but it can also apply effects to audio, without recording. When Audio Hijack and Loopback join forces, you can do things like putting a compressor on your microphone before you send it to Skype, and more.

Combining Multiple Hardware Devices

Audio apps including GarageBand, Logic, and Ableton Live only record from a single audio device at a time. Loopback can merge multiple physical input devices into a single virtual device for easy recording.

Using Pass-Thru Devices

Loopback’s virtual audio devices also make it easy to pass audio directly from one application to another. A zero-configuration “Pass-Thru device” can be used as both an audio input and an audio output throughout the system to pipe audio directly between applications.

And So Much More

Podcasters, live streamers, and audio techs swear by Loopback, and now it’s better than ever. Virtual audio devices give you control over how audio flows on your Mac, making it possible to do incredible things.

Try Loopback 2 Right Now

For the power of a high-end studio mixing board in a much simpler package, look no further than Loopback.

Loopback 2 works on MacOS 10.11 and higher, and the links below will get you started. Download our free, fully-functional trial to explore all that Loopback offers, then purchase through our online store for $99.

Get Started With Loopback 2

Notes for Owners of Loopback 1

If you previously purchased Loopback 1, you’re eligible to upgrade to version 2 for just $49. Download the new version to try it out, then click to purchase your discounted upgrade to version 2.

Folks who purchased Loopback on or after September 1st, 2018 will receive a complimentary upgrade to Loopback 2. Full details have been sent via email, so please check your inbox.

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