Under The Microscope

Protecting Your Data and Ignoring Your Data

If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s recently been full of emails from all sorts of different sites and services you use. These emails are coming as a result of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, a new regulation coming into effect on May 25th that’s aimed at protecting privacy and data for individuals in Europe.

Only time will tell if the GDPR has the desired effect, but it’s already led companies around the globe to update their privacy polices. With this renewed attention to privacy, we also took a moment to review our own privacy policy. Fortunately, no substantive changes were necessary at this time. We encourage you to read the entire page, but the meat is right up top. That section is worth reprinting here:

We believe strongly in your right to privacy, and do all we can to protect the privacy of our users. Our business earns its money by selling software, never by monetizing your private data. Our privacy policy can be easily summarized in one line:

We don’t sell or rent any of your data to third parties, ever, period.

In addition, we collect and keep as little data from you as we reasonably can. Collecting the bare minimum of data for our needs means there’s little incentive for a malicious actor to attempt access to our databases, as well as minimal consequences were such a breach to occur.

We simply don’t traffic in data. In fact, given the liability that possessing data imposes on any responsible company, we want as little of your data as possible. We make software tools for you to purchase and use, and you should feel confident and comfortable doing so.

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