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Farrago 1.1 Embraces the Dark Side

We released the very first version of our new soundboard app Farrago just over three months ago. Since then, we’ve been delighted to hear how its robust, rapid-fire soundboards are helping podcasters, theater techs, and live performers with their work. We’ve also received lots of great feedback, which has helped us plan future versions. Today, we’re pleased to ship the first major update to Farrago.

What’s New in Farrago 1.1?

Farrago 1.1 contains a slew of new features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. Here’s a look at the biggest items.

A Dark Theme

The most noticeable change in Farrago 1.1 is the new Dark theme. Open up Farrago’s preferences, and you can easily switch between the app’s Light and Dark looks, just by toggling the new theme selector. If you’re using Farrago in a theater or other darkened space, the new Dark theme is likely to be perfect for you.

Farrago’s Dark theme in action

Full Undo Support

Farrago now includes full Undo support, so you can revert changes to settings, tile deletions and rearrangements, and even the removal of entire sets. Just select “Undo” from the Edit menu, or hit Cmd-Z on your keyboard, to undo your recent changes.

A “Now Playing” Indicator

When playing audio from a large library with multiple sets, some users ran into trouble determining where exactly their audio was coming from. The new “Now Playing” indicator should make these problems a thing of the past. Any set with an actively playing tile now shows this indicator next to its name in the sets list, on the left side of Farrago’s main window.

Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes

Farrago works better than ever, thanks to many smaller improvements. You can now hold the Shift key to make the “Stop Playing” item in the Control menu to access “Reset All”, restoring all tiles to their default state. When you create a new set, you can immediately type in a name for it. You’ll also see improved performance throughout the app, with special optimizations for users who have large sound libraries.

This update also fixes several small bugs. It works around an issue when MacOS itself does not provide a default audio output device, corrects a problem where window resizing could fail on multi-monitor setups, and eradicates a rare problem where keyboard shortcuts could fail to trigger playback.

Much More

Of course, these are only the most notable changes in Farrago 1.1. There are many additional updates, improvements, and fixes, so we encourage you to download the app and test it out.

Get It Now

If you need fast access to audio clips, Farrago is here to assist with your podcast, live performance, or anything else. Learn more about Farrago on its product page, then test it out by downloading the free trial. You still have a bit more time to take advantage of Farrago’s introductory pricing, so act fast to save over 20% off the regular price.

If you’re already a Farrago user, just open up the app and select “Check for Update” from the Farrago menu. Farrago 1.1 is a free update for existing users, so we encourage you to get it now! We’ve got plenty more planned for Farrago, so stay tuned.

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