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Rogue Amoeba’s New Ultimate Podcast Bundle

Since way back in the mid-2000s, we’ve been delighted to help folks create their own podcasts. It’s been over a decade since Audio Hijack first added the ability to record both halves of a Skype conversation. In that time, podcasting has flourished, and our product lineup has grown to include audio tools to handle nearly all aspects of a podcasting workflow.

To record, Audio Hijack will get you set, whether you just need to capture from local microphones, or you want to record both halves of a Skype or other VoIP conversation.

Using Loopback, it’s possible to route audio between applications, so all parties on a VoIP call can hear the sounds you want to play.

Our newest app Farrago provides rapid-fire soundboards so you can drop in sound effects and musical accompaniment as you record.

Finally, with Fission, you can quickly and losslessly edit your audio recordings and add podcast chapters.

We’re now offering all four of these tools in one money-saving purchase. With the Ultimate Podcast Bundle, you’ll get license keys to unlock all four of these apps at a substantial savings.

If you’re interested in getting into podcasting, this new bundle is a great place to begin. You’ll save over $50 on four powerful tools to get your new show rolling. Check out the Ultimate Podcast Bundle page for more details.

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