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New: Airfoil Satellite for Android

Our home audio streamer Airfoil enables you to send any audio from your computer to AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Chromecast devices. We also expand that ecosystem with our companion app, Airfoil Satellite. Using Airfoil Satellite, you can send audio to Macs, PCs, iOS devices, and more.

Today, we’re thrilled to add an Android version to the Airfoil Satellite family!1 With Airfoil Satellite for Android, you can stream audio from a Mac or PC to any modern Android device (running Android 6 and up). In addition to receiving audio wirelessly, Airfoil Satellite for Android can also remotely control both Airfoil itself, as well as playback from supported source applications.2

Get It Free, Right Now

Airfoil Satellite for Android is an entirely free companion to our paid Airfoil applications. The new Airfoil Satellite for Android 2.0 is available for immediate download from our site. Get full details and download the app from the Airfoil Satellite for Android page.


  1. We formerly offered an application called Airfoil Speakers for Android which could receive audio from Airfoil, but did not offer remote control of Airfoil or supported audio sources. The new Airfoil Satellite for Android brings the Android platform to full parity with iOS when it comes to Airfoil, and it inherits the old app’s release history.

    Speaking of the old app, if you have an older Android device running Android 2.3 through 5.1.1, get Airfoil Speakers for Android from our Legacy page. With it, you can turn those older devices into dedicated Airfoil outputs. ↩︎

  2. See a list of sources supported for remote control on Mac and Windows. ↩︎

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