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Meet Our New Support Tech, Robert

Here at Rogue Amoeba, we take great pride in offering top-notch support to our users. Whether you’ve already purchased one of our apps, or you’re just considering it, you can always email our support team. That’s the best way to get help, provide feedback, and much more. Today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Robert Charlton to our support team! Today actually marks Robert’s first day as an official employee here at Rogue Amoeba, but he’s been helping customers for many weeks already as a contractor.

Customers really shouldn’t notice much difference at all, because we’ve always sought to provide fast and friendly help, and Robert is helping us continue that quest. Earlier this year, we decided to increase the size of our support team. We wanted to be able to assist more customers in less time, while also working to improve our software and support systems. Our larger support team will now have more time to answer email queries, refine our support site and manuals, and improve many of our backend processes. All of this will allow us to provide ever more solid apps.

In Rogue Amoeba’s infancy, I spent part of my time handling our support via a simple email client. Over time, that job grew until we needed to hire a full-time support tech, and utilize a full help desk backend. We’ve now got multiple techs working to help our customers. The support team’s work isn’t quite as obvious as a flashy new software release, but it’s still vitally important, and we’re delighted to have Robert joining us!

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