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Fixing an Important High Sierra Incompatibility

All current versions of our software have compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). However, users running an outdated version of some of our apps may experience problems with audio playback on the new OS. Please read on for more details.

The Basics

A small number of our users on High Sierra have experienced a loss of audio on their Macs, with no audio being heard from the computer. This problem can be caused by a conflict between High Sierra and an outdated version of our Instant On audio component (specifically, Instant On version 8.4.3). When Instant On 8.4.3 is installed on High Sierra, MacOS’s audio backend (CoreAudio) can crash, resulting in lost audio.

The conflict described only occurs when the outdated Instant On 8.4.3 runs on High Sierra. Well before High Sierra was released, we updated Instant On to fix the incompatibility. Instant On 8.4.4 (and up) has no conflicts on High Sierra, and users who are up-to-date will experience no problems on the new OS. While very few people will be affected by this issue, any number greater than zero is undesirable.

How To Avoid This Issue

To ensure a smooth upgrade to High Sierra, just make sure you’ve got the latest versions of your Rogue Amoeba apps by selecting “Check for Update” within the app, then updating if prompted.

Location of updates in the app menu

You should also check the “Install Extras” window to make sure you’ve got the latest Instant On as well. If you’re running Instant On 8.4.4 or newer, you’re good to go.

Location of Install Extras in the app menu

Fixing The Issue on High Sierra

If you’re on High Sierra and you’re experiencing issues with audio playback, try removing the outdated version of Instant On. You can do this manually with the steps below.

Manually Removing Instant On

1) In the Finder, select “Go to Folder” from the Go menu, then enter /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/

Location of Go to Folder

2) If Instant On is installed on your Mac, you’ll see the “InstantOn.driver” folder here. Drag it to the Trash.

diagram showing the folder dragging to the trash

3) Enter your administrator password when prompted, then empty the Trash to complete the removal of this old version of Instant On.

4) Log out of your Mac, then back in. Audio should now play as expected.

After Fixing, Remember to Update!

As mentioned, newer versions of Instant On are fully compatible with High Sierra, and can be installed without a problem. Instant On provides enhanced audio capture in our products Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Nicecast, and Piezo. You should be sure to update to the latest version of these apps, after which you can re-install Instant On via the “Install Extras” window.1


When the conflict between High Sierra and Instant On 8.4.3 was discovered during High Sierra’s beta period this summer, we quickly released updates to rectify the problem. These updates shipped well in advance of High Sierra’s official release, and ensured that nearly all of our users would experience no problems. For those users who didn’t update our apps, the information above will help fix the conflict, or prevent the issue entirely.

We always recommend users stay up to date with our latest releases, as that’s the only way to be sure you have the most recent bug fixes. On our side, we’ll continue our never-ending quest to avoid bugs entirely!


  1. Loopback is also powered by Instant On, but unlike our other apps, it’s a mandatory part of the software. As such, no additional installation is needed.

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  1. Neil says:

    I’ve used Audio HiJack for years and it’s great. I haven’t had any issues in High Sierra but it’s good that you’re helping those who did. Good work and keep it up Amoebas!

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