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The Flexibility of Audio Hijack 3

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell recently wrote about two different ways he uses Audio Hijack 3 to record audio for his podcasts. Jason covers both recording (and live-streaming) his audio when all his guests are remote, as well as using Audio Hijack to record multiple parties in the same room. If you’re curious to learn more about how podcasters do their work with Audio Hijack (as well as Loopback and Nicecast, or you’re interested to start your own podcast, this is a great post.

These sorts of set-ups are exactly how we hoped Audio Hijack 3 would be used when we were designing it. We knew the new design would enable all manner of great new uses. For instance, making it possible record to multiple files in one Audio Hijack Session was certain to be powerful, but it’s not always easy to see if and how that power is being used. It’s very gratifying to see our work put to such good use by others!

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