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Frequently Asked Questions About Airfoil and Chromecast

On Friday, we released version 5.5 of our home audio streamer Airfoil for Mac. This free update adds support for Google Chromecast, and other Google Cast devices, to Airfoil. Since then, we’ve been gratified to hear from many users thrilled with the new functionality. We’ve also heard a few questions repeatedly, so I thought I’d answer them here.

Can Airfoil stream <insert app name here>?

Stream audio from any app on your Mac, or all of your System Audio at once

As veteran users can no doubt guess, this question is coming from folks new to Airfoil. Airfoil can stream any audio from your Mac out to remote speakers. That includes music apps like Spotify and iTunes, web-based services like Pandora, and even all System Audio at once. Whatever you’re playing on your Mac can be streamed via Airfoil.

Does Airfoil work with <insert my Chromecast here>?

We’ve successfully tested with every Chromecast device Google has released thus far. That includes both of the current puck-shaped models (Chromecast Audio and Chromecast), as well as the original stick-shaped model released back in 2014. Airfoil works great with all of this Chromecast hardware!

Does it work with the Chromecast Ultra?

Ah, we can’t fool you, dear questioner. The Chromecast Ultra is not yet released, and thus doesn’t fit the answer above. Because it isn’t yet available, we haven’t tested with it. We’ll be getting the Ultra as soon as possible, however, and we’re confident it too will be supported.

What are Google Cast devices, exactly?

“Cast” is the official name for Google’s streaming protocol. It’s essentially their version of Apple’s “AirPlay” protocol. Like AirPlay, third-party hardware manufacturers can incorporate Cast technology into their devices. A “Google Cast” device is simply a piece of hardware which can receive audio via the Cast protocol.

While the Chromecast devices made by Google are the most well-known Cast devices, there are hundreds of others out there. This includes televisions made by Sony and Vizio, as well as speakers from LG, Grace, Bang and Olufsen, and more. Check your hardware, because you might have a Cast receiver and not even realize it!

Can I send to multiple Cast devices at once?

You can indeed. Airfoil can send the same audio to multiple Cast devices, so if you’ve got more than one Chromecast, you can play audio throughout your house in sync.

Can I send to a mix of devices?

Yes again. If you have an Apple TV attached to your television in the living room, a Chromecast Audio attached to your stereo in the bedroom, and a Bluetooth speaker in the office, Airfoil will send audio from your Mac to all of these devices. Airfoil now supports sending audio via AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Cast, or any combination of the three. Whatever supported devices you have, Airfoil will send to any and all of them, with audio played in perfect sync.

Airfoil A-B-C’s: Send to any combination of AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Chromecast devices

When will Airfoil for Windows get Chromecast support?

We’re hard at work on adding Chromecast support to Airfoil for Windows as well, and we’ve been making good progress. This will be a free update, and we hope to ship it by early next year.

Did people really ask all of these questions?


Even the one asking if people really asked all of these questions?

Well, no.

I have a different question. How can I get help?

As always, contact us via our support form, and we’ll be glad to assist.

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