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An Update on Chromecast Support in Airfoil

Update (October 28th, 2016): Airfoil for Mac 5.5 and higher now offer support for Google Chromecast! Read all about it in the Airfoil for Mac 5.5 blog post.

Back in March, we announced that we were working on updating Airfoil with support for sending audio to Chromecast devices. We’ve since been hard at work on achieving that goal, and we’re delighted to show off our progress. We now have Airfoil talking to all models of Chromecast (that’s the current Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Video, and even the original Chromecast Video version 1).

As previously mentioned, this functionality will be part of a free update to Airfoil 5. It’s admittedly not much to see just yet, but I can assure you that it sounds great! There’s still more work to be done, and we don’t yet have a planned release date, but it’s definitely something we plan to release before the year is out. For now, just stay tuned for more information!

2 Responses to “An Update on Chromecast Support in Airfoil”

  1. marc bloome says:

    Applause. Applause. Anything to supplant the Airport Express.
    My cable service just upgraded me (free) to 150 and installed a new modem/router. Problem is it does not work well with Bonjour/Airport Express (proprietary crap) and, to use Airfoil/Airport Express, I have to do a soft reset every time.

  2. David says:

    Excellent, I’ve been looking forward to this! Any chance of a Beta we can start using ;)

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