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Hear All About Us: Rogue Amoeba Apps in the News

We started off 2016 with a bang, releasing our brand-new audio routing tool Loopback, and we haven’t slowed down. Below we’ve linked to several mentions and stellar reviews our software has recently received!


February brought with it major upgrades to our home audio streaming solution Airfoil, with new versions of both Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows. These updates have been very well-received, as users have been delighted to be able to use Bluetooth speakers along with AirPlay devices. In addition to praise we’ve received via email and Twitter, we’re honored to have earned a coveted 5 mouse review from Macworld magazine!

Macworld 5 Mice

Just look at all those mouses in their houses! Or maybe it’s mice in their hice? Whatever! It’s a stellar review for Airfoil and we’re thrilled to have received it.

For more Airfoil coverage, including an in-depth look at just how you might use our tool for sending audio all around your house, see John Voorhees’s Airfoil review for MacStories. He pushed Airfoil to the limit, and it worked like a champ!


Airfoil isn’t the only app to get a workout, however. Over on the Mac Power Users podcast, Katie Floyd and David Sparks took Loopback for a spin to help them create their newest episodes. It worked so well for them, that Katie made it her software pick of the week. It’s always gratifying to hear about our products being used on the podcasts we enjoy. We’re always thrilled when something we created assists behind the scenes!

Macworld 5 Mice

Audio Hijack

Finally, speaking of podcasters, audio expert Dave Hamilton just posted a great tutorial on getting the lowest latency possible when recording with Audio Hijack 3. Most users don’t need to worry about, or even consider, audio latency. However, for some podcast setups, reducing latency as low as possible is ideal. Audio Hijack 3.2.3 introduced a hidden preference to help with this, and we let Dave in on the secret. He’s been so thrilled with the update that he’s now written about it so other podcasters can take advantage. We’re currently working on moving this setting into the main UI for Audio Hijack 3.3, but you can read more about how to access it now.

Lots More to Come

We’ve got plenty more in the way of updates due out soon, so as always, keep an eye on our site!

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