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Check Out Fission 2.3

Fission IconIf you’re a user of our audio editor Fission, we’ve got a new version available for download right now! Fission 2.3 brings several new features, along with many small enhancements. Most notably, Fission can now add chapter marks to MP3 files! And of course, it can also edit existing chapterized MP3 files! MP3 chapters are especially handy for podcasters, and we’re happy to offer support for this useful update to the MP3 format. While not all audio players support chapters in MP3s yet, more will certainly add support over time.

There are also many improvements and bug fixes in this update. Fission’s MP3 encoding has also been drastically sped up, for faster file exporting. When a damaged file is loaded in Fission, it will now visually display bad packets in the waveform.

Open Fission and get the free update now by selecting “Check for Update” from the Fission menu. If you haven’t used our simple audio editor before, visit the Fission page to learn more and download the free trial.

Mac App Store Update Coming Shortly

The Fission 2.3 update is temporarily available only to users who purchased Fission from our store. We’ve submitted Fission 2.3 to the Mac App Store and we’re waiting for it to clear Apple’s review process. We hope to have this update available there soon.

Update (February 16th, 2016): Fission 2.3 is now available for Mac App Store users as well. Enjoy!

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