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Loopback Is a Winner!

Loopback IconJust under a month ago, we unveiled our newest application, Loopback. It provides a cable-free way to route audio all around your Mac, between applications and audio devices. Following Loopback’s release a few weeks ago, we’ve been thrilled to receive a great deal of positive feedback about it.

Loopback has been covered in-depth by sites like MacNN and Lifehacker. We’ve also heard from individual users with comments like one proclaiming Loopback an “instant buy” and another which stated that it “fixed their entire workflow”. Best of all are the glowing reviews, such as a fantastic 4.5 mice rating from Macworld and a 9 out of 10 score from MyMac.

Multiple outlets have correctly noted that Loopback isn’t for everyone. As Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said, “This is the sort of app few people need, but for those who need it, it’s a godsend”. If you’re someone who’s looking for the power of a high-end studio mixing board, without the high-end price tag, Loopback is for you. It’s a tremendously powerful tool for podcasters, screencasters, audio techs, and more. If Loopback sounds interesting, click to learn more and download the free trial. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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