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Audio Hijack Is Everyone’s Favorite App

OK, our audio recorder Audio Hijack may not be everyone’s favorite app, but it’s certainly extremely popular. In addition to the “Mac App of the Year” honor we recently received from iMore, we were also recognized by the AppleVis community with a Golden Apple award. These awards “recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication which developers have put into making great and accessible applications”. Indeed, we worked hard to make Audio Hijack accessible for visually-impaired users, and it feels good to have that work celebrated. Even better is knowing how that work helps users make full use of their Macs. We’re proud to make a difference.


In addition to garnering the Golden Apple as the Best Mac App of 2015, Audio Hijack also found its way on to several lists of top apps for the year.

Audio Hijack is how Rene Ritchie records podcasts listened to by tens of thousands of fans.

Jason Snell called Audio Hijack his “favorite audio utility” and said “if you need to record audio on a Mac, you won’t find better”.

With even more effusiveness, Serenity Caldwell said “There is too much I could say about Rogue Amoeba’s wonderful Audio Hijack 3, so I will just sum up: Without this vital piece of Mac software, my podcasting and transcription efforts would be hugely impacted…I use the app pretty much every time I use my iMac”.

Providing a tool that many find useful is very rewarding, and we’re thrilled to get such positive feedback. It’s also very flattering to find ourselves listed alongside so many other stellar Mac products. If you haven’t checked out Audio Hijack yet, give it a try! If you have, check out the lists linked above to find other top-notch software to enjoy.

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